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Family Company

About Us

Shopping for bed linen can be a nightmare! What should you look for? What is thread count? Does fancy packaging actually translate to quality?

Sari is an Interior Designer who was frustrated by this customer experience and by the poor quality of so many brands (think of sheets pilling after a couple of washes, not fitting properly, being incredibly difficult to iron, and so on).

So she set out to create the best bedding in the world. Together with her daughters (us), she spent a year researching the industry, coming up with the best designs and finding the right partners. 

We work directly with our organic cotton farmers and our Fairtrade factory in India. We combine our classic designs with the finest handpicked cotton and master craftmanship to create quality bedding that is made to last. By cutting out the middle men, we keep our products much more affordable than other luxury bedding brands.

We believe that everyone deserves the gift of great sleep!

All of our products are certified Organic (GOTS) and Fairtrade.

Why Organic Cotton?

  • No Toxic Pesticides or Dyes
  • Better Quality & Longer- Lasting
  • Gets Softer With Every Wash
  • Easy To Iron

Why Fairtrade Cotton?

  • A Better Deal For Our Farmers
  • Safe Working Conditions
  • Never Any Child Labour
  • Fairtrade Premiums for the Community

    What and Why


    Unfortunately, the cotton industry is renowned for human rights abuses including slavery and child labour. We don’t want to play a part in this cycle of poverty, in fact, we want to revolutionise it! We ensure there is NEVER any child labour in our supply chain, we ensure safe working conditions, and fair wages for fair work. In fact, our workers are paid the highest wages of all local textile factories. They receive pensions, medical insurance for their entire family, rent allowance and sponsored meals. We also give them a Fairtrade premium, which they spend on community projects such as healthcare and education.

    Furthermore, non-organic cotton production is hugely damaging for both the people who handle the crop and the environment around it. It is responsible for the release of US$2 billion worth of chemical pesticides and accounts for 25% of world pesticide use. At least 1 million farm workers are hospitalised every year due to pesticide poisoning, often resulting in death. These chemicals also seep into local eco-systems, indirectly poisoning nearby communities.

    Farmers often suffer from shortness of breath, skin disease, migraines, depression and even cancer as a result of these toxic inputs. In fact, we have interviewed several cotton farmers in Orissa, and they all had the same stories of ill health before converting to organic. 

    That's why we work with a wonderful cooperative in India, which supports farmers in switching back to organic production. Organic farming uses non-genetically-modified seeds, cutting out the middlemen and the need for expensive inputs. By removing chemical pesticides, fertilisers or dyes, organic farming eliminates the risk of poisoning for workers and reduces environmental impact. It is indeed more labour intensive, but there are always willing people looking for employment in these marginalised communities. Plus, organic cotton attains a higher price at the market (10-15% above).

    We feel proud to work with such wonderful partners!

    Meet The Team

    Sari | Co-Founder

    Sari | Co-Founder

    Sari first studied interior design in the Inchibald School of Design in London. Sari then set-up her own interiors-related consultancy with high-profile clients across Ireland and Europe. Sari’s specialty in luxury beds and bedrooms led her to discover the lack of organic and high quality sheets at an affordable price. This has served as a major inspiration for the creation of White & Green. She ensures we sell only the finest products with no compromise on quality.

    Rebecca | Co-Founder

    Rebecca | Co-Founder

    As a singer, Rebecca has performed on the world’s most celebrated stages with groups including Celtic Woman, Celtic Nights and Anúna (original Riverdance Singers). Rebecca’s travelling led her to question global inequality and how patterns of trade benefit some people over others. She completed a Master’s in International Development at the London School of Economics and is now our development, labour rights and Fairtrade expert at White & Green.

    Danielle | Co-Founder

    Danielle | Co-Founder

    As an international model with agencies such as Ford, Storm and Morgan, Danielle has walked for the most prestigious catwalks from New York to LA, Paris to London. Gracing the covers of global super brands such as Swarovski, L’Oreal, Asos and DKNY, she gained a huge insight into the fashion and design industry. Now she is taking this experience and passion into all things White & Green.